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Finalists in Europan 12 Schiedam!

Europan 11 Winners Capelle aan Den IJssel

Four collectives, eight strategies for adaptability
ADAPTABLE COLLECTIVES is a strategic, phaseable approach to the regeneration of the VROM site and Koemarkt.
The site is made up of four ‘collectives’ - areas defined by the urban geography and the stakeholders that share a collective interest in the future of these spaces. The issues and potential of these collectives were assessed taking account of the interests of their stakeholders and an urbanistic reading of the wider context. Two strategies for adaptation and adaptability have been developed for each of the four collectives, with the objective of addressing their issues and realising their potential. We believe that this incremental and independently phased approach will lead to an end result that is greater than the sum of its parts: Integral, inclusive and sustainable urban renewal.


anders win Europan 11 !!

Europan 11 Winners Capelle aan Den IJssel

The winning entry for Capelle aan Den IJssel, POLDER SALAD, was designed by anders partners Elena Chevtchenko and Ken Thompson in collaboration with Dave Morison and Andrew Kitching. The design is a flexible strategy for the redevelopment of Hoven 2. The former polder structure is restored, creating a variety of public spaces and human scale urban blocks consisting of a diverse variety of dwelling types.